Frequently asked questions

I Wrote the wrong email adress on my order

Thats easily fixable. Click on "Lets chat" and give us the email adress you want to use. You can also send us an email to Contact@Happy-Sewing.com

What to do if our email dosent arrive?

This can happen on rare occasions. But don't worry. You can most likely find our emails in your junk mail or spam filter. If you can't find it there, contact us in the chat or write to us at contact@happy-sewing.com.

Im a school teacher, Can I copy these patterns and use them in my sewing class?

We allow school teacher to use our patterns. In fact we are happy to be a part of your sewing class. But our patterns is not allowed to resell or use in any other forms of sewing classes or demonstrations without permission. Copying our patterns in any way is strictly forbidden. All patterns is protected by copyrights and all patterns contains a unique serial number.

My problem is not listed here.

We are sorry. Contact us in the chat or write to us at Contact@happy-sewing.com

Is seam allowance included in the pattern?

Yes. All of our patterns have the seam allowance included. If this changes the patterns will be clearly marked.

It looks like my package has stopped moving?

On international orders, we do sometimes get new tracking numbers along the way. If this happens, we send you the new tracking number as soon as we receive it. PS: In cases where we know that tracking numbers will shift more than once, We wait until it gets to your country before we provides you with tracking number. On rare occasions, some packages do get lost along the way. If this has happened to your package we will refund you the money or ship new products. That's up to you.

My order is delayed, Why is that?

Because of covid-19, we are experiencing 6% more delays than usual.
Don't worry. We are checking all orders at least twice a day to make sure everything is ok. In delays longer than 10 days we will contact you.

When are orders shipped?

Weekdays: within 24 Hours.
Some weekends we don't ship out our products until Mondays.
Digital Sewing Patterns: Usually 1 minute after purchase. If you have waited longer than 5 minutes, please check your spamfolder. If you still cant find it send us an email to: Contact@happy-Sewing.com or use the chat function.

I regret my purchase, Can I get my money back?

Click on the link below and fill out the form and we will se what we can do. You usually hear from us whitin 48 hours. In holidays our responsetime can be a little longer. https://www.happy-sewing.com/return-and-refund-form

Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you can find the answer you are looking for on this page. If not click here to go to the contact page and we will help you out as soon as we can.