5 Smart Sewing Accessories

I dont know about you, but my drawers in my sewing studio are filled with tools. Some of them are bought with the intention of being used all the time, while others are bought to solve one typical task I face occasionally. Let me tell you about 5 of the smartest sewing tools I have and use all the time. And by that, I dont mean the typical scissors or rotary cutter list. I want to give you a list of 5 smart sewing tools that actually are innovative and you might not have tried, even if you are an experienced sewer.

You can buy all of these tools in our store. I will leave a link to them so that you can try them out for yourself.

Bobbin Organizer - Stack and Store

The Bobbin Tower makes it easy to organize and store your bobbins. It can hold up to 30 bobbins and fits all types of bobbins. When you fill the bobbin tower with different colors it also looks like a decorative piece of your sewing studio. What I like the most about the bobbin tower is how easy it is to see and access the bobbins.

You can find other smart ways to store your bobbins here


The Chalk Pen

Using chalk while sewing is nothing new and it's pretty common that seamstresses own and uses some sort of chalk to make marks on their project. But there is so much to love about having chalk in a pen. First of all, I dont make accidental marks when I put the chalk away. The chalk is safely stored and protected in the pen. I dont get chalk on my fingers and It dont accidentally get under a ruler or other tools and leave marks and chalk crumbles all over the place. It's also great to hold a pen while doing measurements. It feels like you are in control of your project. However, there is one drawback to the chalk pen I have, and that is that the chalk is white. Thankfully I use white fabrics very rarely!


Extra Sewing Machine Light