5 steps that will instantly improve your sewing projects!

Sewing is so much fun. And nothing is more satisfying than completing a perfect garment.

But how do we archive the best results? What steps should you take and what is important?

There are many answers to that, but I'm going to give you the steps I take before every project.


Step One: Have a plan

Yes, I know. Using your well-deserved sewing time to plan is boring. But Taking 5-10 minutes to plan your project will improve the result. Things I like to plan are the three whats, why, and when.

What am I doing, Why am I doing it and when am I done? Go over your sewing project one step at a time.

I do also recommend going over the fabric you want to use. Make sure that you have enough and that the colors really match. Do some google searches and see how other projects with similar colors turned out.


Step Two- Seams

In a good sewing project, you should make most of your seams invisible.

My specialty is garments. And if you have seen my tutorials or sewing articles you know that I make most of my seams on the inside of the garment, It's a great way to hide them. If you plan on making any decorative seams, make sure to do test seams and plan the location of the seam. The colors of the decorative seams are important too.


Step Three - Design

The fabric you are using is going to play a huge role in the finished result. Are you mixing colors or fabric?

Lay the fabric against each other and make sure that they match. Take it outside and make sure that the colors also look great together in the sunlight. If the fabric matches too well, add a few elements that will give the project an x-factor. Adding pockets, ribbons or different colors of the seam is a great way to add x-factors. But remember to keep the colors and shape of the x-factors the same.


Step Four Take a step back - Enjoy fixing your errors.

When the idea or the plan starts to fall apart, step back and take a deep breath. Remember that we all make mistakes. The key is how we recover from them. I know it's hard to escape the devastating feeling you get when the project is falling apart. I like to leave the room, have a snack or a coffee, and I will try to enjoy fixing the mistake. We put our hearts and souls into these projects. And I must admit that the garments that I managed to save from disaster have a special place in my heart and the closet. Love and own your mistakes. Without them, we wouldn't learn.


Step Five Take risks - Break the rules

I began sewing because I wanted to create my own garment, my way. But when my experience grew, so did the rulebook. "never mix red and orange", "Never combine squares and stripes", and so on. So my advice is to stay playful and use the rulebook as a guide. Have faith in yourself and have fun and be different.

So these are the five steps that I take before I sew any garments. It took me a long time learning these steps, So I hope that you do too. What are your sewing secrets that make your projects better? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.


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