6 Smart Ways to store your bobbins!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect way to store your bobbins, Especially if you have thread left on the bobbin! I've found 5 smart solutions you can get so that you never have to look for your bobbins again.

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The Bobbin and Thread Turtle

The bobbin and thread turtle is a cute thread and bobbin saver. The turtle can hold 15 threads spools and 30 bobbins if you stack them on top of each other. With the bobbin turtle you can arrange the bobbins next to the thread it belongs to. The Bobbin turtle fits any style or type of bobbins!

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Bobbin Buddies

The Bobbin buddy is a smart way to attach your bobbin to the original thread spool.

A pack of bobbin buddy is a must-have for all seamstress. to keep your original thread and bobbin together. One pack contains 60 pieces of bobbin buddies in three different colors.

The bobbin buddy is easy to use. You first squeeze the bobbin buddy together and slide the bobbin in. When the bobbin is in place you slide the thread into the bobbin buddy.

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Sewing Thread Bobbin Organizer

Bobbin organizer

The stack and store Bobbin organizer is the perfect organizer. It's easy to find the bobbin you are looking for and you can add build more levels on it.

It's also very flexible and can hold any bobbins on the market today. This organizer comes with room to stack 30 bobbins. If you have fewer bobbins than that you can simply drop some layers.

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