All you need to know about the Baby Lock Victory Serger

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Tacony Corporation is targeting the high-end sewing market with their Baby Lock sewing machine brand.

Their entire sewing machine lineup is made by brother. Besides sharing the same plastic and aluminum frame, there are no other similarities between Brother and Babylock.

We are going to take a closer look at their mid-range serger. The Baby lock Victory.





Needle threader: Yes Sewing Light: LED x2

Automatic Thread Tention Adjuster Maximum Speed: 1500 Spm

Needles: 2 Stitch length: 0,75 - 4 mm

Threads: 2-3 or 4 Trim Trap: Not included

The Price:

Every time we talk about the high-end market, the price is a key element. The Baby Lock Victory serger costs 1400 Euros, Almost 1700 USD. That is a high price for a serger! It's almost 3 times more expensive than the Brother 4234D overlocker. A machine that is made side by side with the Baby Lock Victory. There are many features that will justify the price.

Baby Lock Victorys Key features:

(From Baby Locks website)

Jet-Air Threading

With just the touch of a lever, thread is sent through the tubular loopers. There are no thread guides, no struggling and there’s plenty of time to serge away.

Needle Threading System

Hold the needle threader in place for quick and easy threading with just the touch of a lever.

Automatic Thread Delivery:

Set the Victory to the type of stitch you want and get started! The Victory delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread.

Adjustable Presser Foot Height Up to 6mm

Victory features a higher presser foot height to effortlessly handle thicker and loftier fabric.

Tubular Loopers

There’s no exposed thread, no thread guides and you can thread in any order! Tubular loopers eliminate threading mistakes and protect the thread for more serging freedom.

Dial Adjustable Stitch Length & Automatic Rolled Hem

Stitch length can be easily adjusted on a Baby Lock serger using one dial. This dial includes an Automatic Rolled Hem setting that will retract the built-in stitch width finger for a rolled hem finish.

Looper Drive System

This exclusive Looper Drive System prevents loopers from becoming misaligned or out of time, reducing the possibility of major looper damage. This protects your machine from needing repairs, allowing you to serge worry free!

Fabric Support System

The Fabric Support System keeps stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose. The built- in stitch fingers actually move with the knife blade, adjusting the seam concurrently with the cutting width.

Advanced Knife Driving and One-Way Clutch System

Baby Lock has created a knife system with a larger cutting bite that cuts thicker fabric with ease and increased visibility.

Vertical Needle Penetration