Brother CS10S | Reviewed

Updated: Mar 19

The Brother CS10S is the new version of the Brother CS10. The CS10 was one of the best entry-level sewing machines and was great value for money. We are reviewing the Brother CS10S to see if it's still a great sewing machine for beginners.

"The New CS10S is a great sewing machine, It feels sturdy and it's easy to understand and operate".




The Brother CS10S sews 850 Stitches pr. minute and has a 40 watts engine. This is good for regular sewing, but a 40 watts engine is not powerful enough to do multiple layers of heavier fabrics. The workspace has increased from 14.6 on the CS10 to 15.8 cms on the CS10S model.

It also has a speed adjuster that allows you to adjust the speed down to 50%. It also has a needle threader and free arm.

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There is a lot of accessories included with the Brother CS10s. 7 Presser feet are included, 4 bobbins, a pack of needles, and a bobbin case, also known as the accessories case. The accessories case is a little bit to small, but its still room for all the accessories.

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