Brother SE600 | Review

Updated: Mar 24

Brother SE600 Review

The Brother SE600 is a combined sewing and embroidery machine, it has 103 built-in stitches and 80 embroidery designs. You can also add more embroidery designs using a USB stick. With its low price point, at around 400 Us dollars it markets itself as an entry-level sewing/embroidery machine. How easy is it to use, and is it worth the buy?





Brother SE600 Embroidery Frame

Brother is known for being generous with stitches and accessories. They do also include handy tools like the needle threader and a decent LED light. They haven't stopped doing it on the Brother SE600.

When opening the box of a sewing machine from brother, it always feels like you have done a good deal seeing all the accessories.

Specification list from

  • 4" x 4" embroidery field, with an, included 4" x 4" hoop, embroidery arm, and embroidery foot

  • Large, 3.2" Sew Smart color LCD touch screen display allows you to view your embroidery designs in full color before stitching

  • 80 embroidery designs

  • Import your own .pes embroidery design files using the built-in USB port, for virtually unlimited embroidery design options. *USB stick not included

  • 103 built-in sewing stitches, including beautiful decorative stitches and 10 styles of one-step, auto-sized buttonholes

  • Expanded 6.4" w x 4.1" h needle-to-arm workspace provides more room for quilts and bulkier sewing projects

  • Includes 7 versatile sewing feet, with buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, spring action zigzag, blind stitch, and button sewing feet.




How easy it is to use?

Brother Accessories

Brothers have done all they can to make this sewing machine easy to use. It's easy to thread, and the needle threader works great. the needle threader is the same that you find on any Brother sewing machine. it is easy to use, but you have to use two hands. my fastest threading time on the Brother SE600 is 9 seconds, very handy when you are using the embroidery function where you have to change threads often.

The menus don't take long to get used to. They have the option to visualize how big your embroidery will be directly on the fabric and by seeing an illustration on the screen. Mounting the frame has a "click in place" patent that works fine. A feature I truly like with Brother SE600 is the on-screen tutorials function. The sewing machine will show you videos and illustrations directly on the screen.

Important to new brother users: The SE600 isn't spared from the "Brother sensitive needle" problem. You have to make sure that the needle is pushed well into the machine before you start sewing. Otherwise, it might break. If this happens when the sewing machine is new it can result in more problems and you might have to send it in for repair.


User experience:

Brother SE600 Embroidery

Brother SE600 works great besides the needle problem. There are some system bugs as well, but it isn't a major concern as they are small and happen very rarely. The setup is also fast and easy to do. The instruction manual is also very helpful.

Needle Lock When you thread the needle or do other things around the needle you should "lock the needle". you click the lock button below the screen and the needle is locked. You unlock the needle by pressing the same button again. This feature finally replaces the "turn off the sewing machine when working on it" tip. This idea tip works on this machine as well. But it's a bit longer startup time than on a regular sewing machine, and besides, the extra light is amazing? A great safety feature I will make a habit of right away.

Sewing: The Brother SE600 is performing well on all types of fabric. But it doesn't like multiple layers. I don't recommend sewing more than 4 layers of jersey or wool fabric on this machine. If you are sewing denim or leather I would say 2 layers is the maximum. Other than that the sewing performance is good.

The embroidery: If you are new to embroidery the Brother SE600 is amazing. It's easy to understand and fun to work on. The results are also acceptable. If you are more experienced with embroidery you might feel limited by the SE600. The 4" frame is a little small and there aren't so many customizations option available. If you have more advanced embroideries it requires more work from you and it takes a longer time to finish.




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