5 Easy Baby Sewing Projects

Updated: Jan 13

Isn't it really fun to be able to say that the children's clothes are homemade? I think creating my child's wardrobe by myself really makes me happy!

We make it easy for you to sew with our video tutorials and PDF patterns. If you are completely new to sewing for babies, you may be wondering what to sew? In this particular blog post, we mention what we think are the simplest projects for a beginner, but also for experienced seamstresses.

If you have not used a pdf pattern before, there is nothing to worry about! Everything you need to know is explained in the pattern file. Our patterns will be sent to you by email.

Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are something we think a baby definitely needs during their first years of life.

Our Drool Bibs pattern contains a drool bib and two other food bibs.

Drool Bib:

The drool bib is perfect for babies because they often start to drool when the teeth are coming. The child's shirt will stay dry and the drool bib can often be changed often. This drool bib is a little bit smaller than a food bib. The drool bib often haves 2 layers, such as fleece on the back and jersey or quilted fabric on the front.

Food Bibs:

The food bibs are very practical and easy to sew. You need some fabric that can be washed a lot and receives spills. Fabric that is nice to use for this project is a towel or some waterproof fabric.

One of the food bibs patterns has a pocket that is optional to use, and it works like a food catcher.

For this pattern, you will need cotton bias tape, and it can be bought on a roll on our site. You can also make it yourself. If you want an easy way to sew on cotton bias tape, you can install an adjustable bias binder presser foot on your sewing machine.


Overall Pants

Overall pants are one of our most beautiful garments. it is also an easy sew for beginners. This is also one of our most popular sewing patterns, and it is not without a reason. It is quick to sew, and a garment that can be used for any occasion. If you want to make a little more out of it, a pocket and ruffles are included in the pattern. If you sew on binding at the inner seams, you also have the option to add access to the diaper. We have launched a tutorial along with this pattern. You can sew this for a newborn baby as well as a 5-year-old!

Overall Pants Tutorial