How often do I have to clean and service my Sewing Machine? | A sewing machine maintenance guide

It's hard to understand the cleaning intervals for sewing machines. How often do I have to clean it, where do I clean and how often should I do it? This post is meant to point you in the right direction when it comes to cleaning your sewing machine.

How often you have to clean your sewing machine actually depends. What sewing machine you are using, are you sewing or quilting and what type of fabric are you using? If you are experiencing issues, like broken needles, skipped stitches, or other operational issues, there is a big chance that you should clean your sewing machine more often. But you should clean your sewing machine around every 10th operating hour.

Below you can see a list recommended for your sewing machine.


We cover these sections in this article:

How to clean your sewing machine

You should always remove any bits of leftover fabrics before you pack your sewing machine away after sewing. Regularly wipe your sewing machine with a dry or damp cloth. I recommend a dry microfibre cloth so you dont short-circuit the sewing machine. Always turn your sewing machine off while cleaning and never use canned air as it will in most cases blow dust into the machine. Always read the manual to your sewing machine before you start cleaning it. A cleaning process that is highly recommended is cleaning the bobbin house. You can read how to do it here.


Cleaning intervals

We have asked all major sewing machine manufacturers about how often they recommend that we clean their sewing machines. Keep in mind that these numbers aren't fixed, but we hope that these numbers at least can give you a clue on how often you should clean your sewing machine.