How to clean the bobbin case on your sewing machine | Including a video tutorial

The bobbin case and the bobbin area is the most important area to keep clean on your sewing machine. The space around the bobbin is limited, and just a small amount of dust can have a huge impact on the performance of your sewing machine.

Always read the instruction manual to find out how you specifically clean and maintain the bobbin case of your sewing machine. Always turn off and unplug the sewing machine to keep you and your sewing machine safe while cleaning. You can find the instruction manual for your sewing machine at the bottom of this page.


We cover these steps in this article:

  1. Remove the presser foot and the needle

  2. How to lower the feed dogs.

  3. How to remove the bobbin cover and the pressure plate

  4. Remove the bobbin house and clean it

  5. Reassemble the parts and test sew

  6. video tutorial




Step one: Remove the presser foot and the needle

Remove the presser foot and the needle to give you more room and to avoid damages. some sewing machines even require you to remove it. The needle is usually kept in place with a screw or a holder. This is usually easy to access on the shank of the needle holder. Always use two hands, one for unscrewing and another one to hold the needle. It can be a great idea to remove the thread before removing the needle. The presser foot can in many cases just be pulled directly off, but some sewing machines have a leaver or a button that realizes the presser foot.


Step Two: How to Lower the feed dogs.