How to sew a Baby Bodysuit | Video Tutorial

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

There is no such thing as the perfect garment. But a baby bodysuit is close to being the perfect summer garment for babies. In this tutorial, I will show you how I made my Baby Bodysuit and where to buy the patterns.



What do we need to make the Baby Bodysuit?

For the snaps, I have Prym Vario Pliers and a box of ring snaps. These are going on the bottom of the bodysuit. I do also have glue, pins, and clips to keep things in place. As always we need cutters. I'm using my scissors and a rotary cutter.

We are also going to add ribbons to the bodysuit. For that, I'm using a binding folder. We do also need fabric and the sewing pattern.


Cutting the fabric:

We start off by cutting the garment pieces using a rotary cutter. For this bodysuit, there are only going to be two pieces. One front piece and one back piece. The shoulder ribbons are made from ribbons. We will get back to that later.

I have a pink mummi jersey fabric from the Norwegian fabric store stofflykke. We are not associated by them, but we are a huge fan of their fabric.




Sewing the first Ribbons

We sew the first horizontal ribbons on the baby bodysuit. I'm using a baby Lock cover stitch machine and the binding folder I showed you earlier. The trick to getting the best result is to apply just the right amount of even pressure on the fabric while sewing the ribbons in place. With my setup, the machine does that automatically.


The Shoulder Ribbons

The shoulder ribbons go from the front piece and to the back piece of the shoulder ribbons. We have a detailed description of that in our sewing pattern. You can of course take your own measurement and use that as well. We do one side, then we do it in the opposite direction on the other side.





With the ribbons in place, it's time to close the sides of the bodysuit. We apply clips and do one side at a time. We have the bodysuit inside out so that the seam isn't visible.

I'm using a baby lock victory serger on these seams.