Baby Bonnet Sewing Tutorial | Video Tutorial

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

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How to sew Baby Bonnet

The baby bonnet is the most classic baby hat. It's comfortable and safe to wear, and the string does a great job keeping the baby bonnet in place. There is a lot of different variations on the baby bonnet. Some are made to protect the baby from the sun, some are made to protect from the cold, and some are made to protect from the wind. The happy sewing pattern is suited for all of these baby bonnets. It's easy to make and is well suited for beginners. I usually make a bonnet in 30 minutes. In the beginning, it took about 1,5 hours. Let's talk about the equipment we need to make this baby bonnet.




The equipment we need for this tutorial:

DIY baby Bonnet

The tools we need for this baby bonnet are clips or pins, cutters, fabric, and ribbon.

We are making this baby bonnet in jersey and jersey ribbon. We are using Jersey because it is stretchy and makes it extra comfortable to wear. You can use any fabric you want, but I recommend going for stretchy fabric. And for the sewers at the nordic hemisphere, Wool works just as well as jersey.




Step 1 - Cutting the fabric

Cutting baby bonnet fabric

We prepare as much fabric as possible before we start sewing. We have three pattern pieces to cut. Two side panels and one center panel.

We are adding some ribbons, but for that, we are using an edge ribbon fabric and a binding folder. We decided to cut all fabric with scissors to have better control of the cutting. But there is nothing wrong in use a rotary cutter.


Step 2 - Attaching the pieces.

Baby Bonnet Sewing Pattern

We have two side panels and one center panel that we are going to attach. The rest is ribbons.

So we attach one side panel to the center panel first by using clips. You can also add some glue if you want to. But please use glue that dissolves in contact with water. When this side panel is attached, we start to do the other side. We are making these seams on the inside of the bonnet. So the bonnet has to be the wrong way out when we apply the clips. We are making sure that we don't get any folds on any sides, and we pay close attention to the symmetry. When both sides are perfectly aligned, we start sewing. Because we are using a stretchy fabric, we must be careful when pulling the garment while sewing. If we are too rough handed we can make folds or dents that will ruin the final result. We can use any sewing machine we like. That's why we are using a Brother 4234D overlocker. That's a serger/Overlock machine.

When these seams are in place, we fold the seams and sew over the seam we just made. This time the baby bonnet is the right way out.


Step 3 - The Ribbons

Sewing Baby Bonnet

It's finally time to start working on the edge ribbon. I choose a color that matches the details in the baby bonnet. The ribbon must be stretchy to provide the best fit and comfort for the baby. I'm using a binding folder and a Baby Lock Coverstitch machine to sew the ribbons in place. If you are doing this with other equipment or manually, I recommend that you still do it in the same order as me. We start at the bottom front of the baby bonnet and sew around. When we have sewn around the bottom of the bonnet, we cut any excess ribbon. We then sew the front ribbon of the bonnet in place. Make sure to have a lot of extra ribbon at the start, around 15-18 cm. We are using this as a string. When you have reached the other side of the bonnet, make sure to leave enough ribbon here as well. I would recommend that you iron the two ribbons when you are done. It will make the next step easier and leave a better result. We measure the two sides and cut. We leave a minimum of 2 cm on each side. We are going to fold the ribbon and sew it in place.