How to Sew a Beanie

Sewing a beanie is fast and easy. I'm going to show you how easy it to make. We do also have our beanie pattern for sale at the bottom of this page. and a free video tutorial.

Tools and fabric:

The Tools we need for this project are Pins and/or Clips, Gluepen, and fabric. We do of course need something to cut with. I choose scissors and a rotary cutter. I went for a stretchy jersey fabric to give this beanie a nice fit. Not the warmest fabric, but that's ok. Another thing we need is of course patterns, which you can find at the bottom of the page.


Step One - Cutting the Fabric

I Fold the fabric Twice and cut. I will then get two pattern parts. If you want a different color or fabric on the lining you can fold it once and cut it twice.

This is what the beanie parts should look like


Step Two - Aligning the edges

Place the beanie patterns on top of each other like the image. Notice that they lay in the opposite direction. That's because we want the seam to be on the inside of the garment. I align the beanie parts and add clips. I'm sewing this seam with a serger.

Step Three - Closing the top opening

We Close the top opening and saves the other opening for later. I Apply glue and clips and I use the serger to close it.


Step Four - Closing the last opening

Before we turn the beanie the right way out we need to fasten and cut all the loose threadings inside the beanie. We then fasten the opening with clips and make a nice seam to cover this opening up.

The beanie is complete!


Do you have any additional questions? Use the chat function in the bottom right corner or in the comment section.

Buy the beanie pattern here:

View the video tutorial here:


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