How to Sew a hoodie Vest for kids

A vest can lift any outfit to become more exciting. You can use it to damp or lift the colors of the outfit. Another great thing about the Vest is its ability to protect from the weather without being too hot.

The Vega Vest is fun to make. The Sewing pattern is available for you at the bottom of the page.


Tools and Fabric:

What we need to have is Clips and/or Pins, scissors, and fabric. I use gluten and a rotary cutter as well, Not necessary for making a vest. But it makes things a bit easier. The fabric I use is jersey fabrics. The colors are turquoise and grey. We also need patterns. I use our own Pattern.

You can click on the image to get a better view.


Step One - Cutting the Fabric

start with cutting all the fabric according to the patterns. I used the Happy-Sewing Pattern. It comes in a lot of sizes, you can check it out for yourself at the bottom of the page. I printed the pattern out and laid the pieces on top of the fabric, like the image. I use the rotary cutter for all parts. there were four parts. six if you want to sew a hoodie vest as I did.


Step Two - The Shoulder seams

I take the front and back piece and lay the pieces inside out, to get the seam on the inside of the west. I make sure that the pieces are perfectly aligned and I add two clips on each shoulder. I sew the shoulder seams with my Baby Lock Victory serger. You can of course sew the seams with the machine you want.


Step Three - The Hood and the Ribbon

I Fold the ribbon horizontally and make a seam to join the sides.

I cut four pieces of the Hoodie, two pieces in turquoise and two in grey. I pair them and I apply clips on the backside of each of the pairs. The Blue piece is inside out. The Grey piece is sewn the right way out because it's going to be the lining. I sew all the seams with the same machine I used on the shoulder seams.


Step Four - Shoulder ribbons

The shoulder ribbon is placed on the inside of the garment. I fold it to find the center point and I make a small cut. I align the cut with the shoulder seam. We made the shoulder ribbon a bit wider to make sure that it fits any sewing machines and sewing techniques. So start by applying clips at the center of the shoulder ribbon and cut any access ribbon. When You have applied all the clips, sew each seam. Remember to sew the seams inside out as well.

When we have sewn these seams fold it over the outside and make a seam there as well. Remember that the seam on the outside will be visible. So choose a color that matches the fabric or use it to lift the garment. I Went for a grey seam that matches the hoodie lining. I sew the stitches with my Baby Lock cover Stitch machine.

You can click on the image to get a better view.


Step Five - The Sideseams

Turn the Vest inside out and align the sides. I Use glue at the top and the bottom part on each side. It's not necessary to use glue. But it helps stabilize the sides. The Glue I use will dissolve in the washing machine or in contact with water. I Sew the seams with the Baby Lock Victory Serger. But you can use any sewing machine you want.


Step Six - The Ribbon

Fold the ribbon horizontally, Like the picture above.

Turn the Vest inside out and place the Ribbon inside the bottom opening at the Vest. Make sure that the side with the clips is facing downwards. Then you simply include the vest with the clips. the unsewn side of the ribbon has to face upwards, and the clips downwards. Make sure to align the side seam with the ribbon seam. I choose to sew this seam with my serger.


Step Seven - The Hoodie

I Turn the lining (Grey) part of the Hoodie inside out and I place it inside the outer hoodie part (Turquoise). I align them the wrong way out. I use clips and glue and I sew it with my serger.

When it's completed it should look like the image above. I Then turn the hoodie the right way out and place it inside the vest. I do it the same way as I did on the bottom ribbon with the west turned inside out.


Step Eight - The Last step

The Vest is now completed, all that is left is to cut the loose threadings. I did also press it.

That's how you sew a simple elegant hooded Vest. You can also apply strings as I did on the pattern cover.

Click here to get the pattern.


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