How to Sew the Square Hat | Guided in-depth Tutorial

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The Square hat has a playful shape, is comfortable to wear, and you can easily add wind stoppers over to ears to make it warmer. The Squarehat is an easy sew. Also for beginners. You don't need a lot of tools and with a bit of planning, you can sew the square within an hour. In this guide, I will show you all the easy steps to making your own square hat. In the image above you can see my son David wearing the Square hat. He absolutely loves wearing it! Because it has the Windstopper it can be used to late in the fall season, But for wintertime, I would have made him a Balaclava or the Square hat with wool lining. Keep in mind that we live very far north, almost 70 degrees. so for most of you and the rest of the earth's population, the square would be more than good enough for the wintertime.




What we need to make the Square hat

You don't need many tools for the Square hat, you can even hand sew it. I would recommend a sewing machine, scissors, glue, and pins, and maybe some tracking paper. In this guide I'm sewing my square hat with all the equipment I have at my disposal. I will along the article recommend useful tools we are using.


Sewing Pattern:

The sewing pattern contains patterns from newborn size to 6 Years old. The sewing pattern comes in PDF format. That means that you can simply click and print the pattern.

The pattern includes; Instructions, Access to 24/7 Support chat, and a helpful step by step picture tutorial

The pattern has 0,7cm (1/3") seam allowance included, and it's made for stretchy fabrics.

You can click here or on the image to buy the pattern.

If you need more guidance on how to use happy-Sewing patterns, you can read a detailed guide here, on how to use happy Sewing patterns.



The pattern fits any type of stretch fabric. If you need a warmer winter hat you can use wool. You can also drop the lining if that fits you better. In my tutorial, I'm using Quilted interlock fabric for the lining and jersey for the outer fabric.

You need about 30cm or 11.8" of both fabrics.

Needles: For these fabrics, I recommend a jersey needle Size 80 and a stretch needle size 75.

Sewing Machine Needles:




The main fabric and the Lining

We tape patterns A1 and A2 together and we use the same pattern to cut two duplicate pieces of the main fabric and the lining. Both pieces have to be cut against the fold. I recommend that you wash the fabric before you start cutting. For cutting, I'm using a rotary cutter.

You can buy a rotary cutter here: