How to sew a Balaclava | Including Video Tutorial

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A balaclava is warm and comfortable and is probably the headwear the offers the greatest isolation. For extra cold environments, I recommend sewing the balaclava in multiple layers and adding Windstopper over the ears. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps in how to sew the balaclava. I will even add a video tutorial at the bottom of the page. Below you can find the Balaclava Sewing Pattern in PDF format.


These are the steps in sewing a Balaclava:

For a warm balaclava wool fabric is recommended and softshell fabric to be used as wind stoppers. The basic tools needed are a sewing pattern, sewing machine, scissors fabric, and thread. The Balaclava sewing pattern is available below. You can also read a more detailed description of each step and watch a video tutorial below.


The Sewing Pattern:

The Balaclava Sewing pattern (PDF) is made in all sizes from 2-3 Months and all the way up to 3 years!

We recommend sewing the balaclava in stretchy fabrics such as jerseys and wool.




The tools you need to sew a Balaclava:

The Balaclava doesn't require a lot of tools. I'm using a scissor, Rotary cutter, cutting mat, glue, clips and pins, and fabric. As long as you have a good pair of sciss