How to Sew a T-Shirt for kids

In this article, we are sewing a nice unisex t-shirt for kids.

We are making the Happy-Kids T-shirt. The sewing pattern is available at the bottom of the page, along with a free in-depth video tutorial.


Let's start with the tools and fabric we need:

Pins and/or clips, scissors, and fabric.

Optional tools are Gluepen and rotary cutter.

I choose a jersey fabric for my T-shirt.

1 - Cutting the Fabric.

Cutting the front piece against fold

A short-sleeved t-shirt usually has around four pattern parts.

The sewing pattern should include a front and back piece.

The Happy-Kids t-shirt does also has separate sleeves for a better result.

The ribbons are optional, but it gives the T-shirt a more "professionally made" look.


2 - The Shoulder Seams

The Shoulder Seams

We lay the front and back piece on top of each other. We are making the seam on the inside of the garment. That means that we lay the fabric the wrong side out. When I lay the shoulders on top of each other, I make sure that the fabric shape looks right. It's a nice way to remove any upcoming errors.

Using a gluepen on the shoulder seams

How I use the Gluepen:

I use glue and make two glue spots on both shoulders. The glue I use will dissolve when I'm washing the T-Shirt. I use glue to make sure that the fabric is perfectly aligned.

Applying clips

I Apply two clips on each shoulder and sew it.


3- The Sleeves

The fold

The next step is the sleeves.

I make small folds on the straight side on both of the sleeves. I use glue on both sides and the center of the folds before I sew them.

Attach the sleeves to the front and back pieces.

I fold the sleeve to find the CenterPoint. I make a small cut and align the cut with the shoulder seam. When we are sure that both sleeves' center points are perfectly aligned, I apply glue on both sides and the Center point. I then apply clips on both sleeves. I make sure that there are no folds and that the sleeves are sewn as nice as possible on the garment. This seam is also on the inside of the garment.


4 - Sideseam

The next step is the sideseam.

The sideseam goes from the start of the sleeve and down to the end of the garment. I use glue on three contact points on each side to keep the stability. Make sure to look for and avoid any folds. The sideseam has to be on the inside of the garment.


5 - Sewing the sideseams and finalizing the garment

When the sideseam is complete we only have to cut the loose threading and the T-shirt is complete.

Click on the image to buy the t-shirt pattern:


The Video Tutorial:


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