How to sew Turtlenecks for Kids | Mia & Elijah Sewing Pattern Video Tutorial

Updated: Feb 20

The Mia and Elijah Turtleneck is perfect for colder days and You can sew it in almost any stretchy fabric.

You can use wool for a perfect winter turtleneck or you can use bamboo or jersey for an everyday turtleneck. You can find the video tutorial at the bottom of the page.




The Sewing pattern:

With the Mia and Elijah sewing pattern, you can sew a turtleneck in sizes between 2-10 Years.

The expected sewing time is 2-3 Hours. The sewing pattern is in PDF format and it is easy to use for beginners. Seam allowance is included. You can click below to purchase the sewing pattern.



In this tutorial, we are sewing the turtleneck with recycled fabric.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can any type of stretchy fabric on the Mia & Elijah sewing pattern. Wool for colder days and jersey for everyday use. the sewing pattern is not suitable for firm fabrics like silk.

in the list below you can see the approx amount of fabric needed for this sew.

Width: 150cm/60”

Selected Size

Amount in cms

Amount in inches

EU Size: ​92-98

60 cm


EU Size: 104-116

90 cm


EU Size: 122-128

​100 cm


​EU Size 134-146

​120 cm



Recommended tools:

The Turtleneck is not a difficult sew and it doesn't require any special equipment. a good pair of scissors, Measuring tools, clips, or pins and a sewing machine that have stitches for stretchy fabrics are all you need for this sew. for more advanced sewers, having a serger and or a cover stitch machine will really simplify this sew. In this tutorial, we are using a Husqvarna Opal 650, a Baby Lock Victory serger, and a Baby Lock cover stitch machine. If you want to know more about the Husqvarna opal 650, click here. For the Baby Lock Victory, Click here. We are also using rotary cutters and fabric glue.