How to solve Typical problems on the Singer Heavy Duty

In this guide, we will help you resolve any problems you might face with the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing machine. All support is approved by Singer, and won't affect the warranty.


Here you will find the solution to the most known problems of the Singer Heavy Duty series. All solutions are easy to do, and you can easily do them yourself without breaking the warranty. Below you can see a list of the problems we will cover in this article. You can click on the problem you have and go directly to the solutions.




The Upper thread breaks while sewing on my Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

There are many reasons why the upper thread might break. The smartest thing to do first is to retread the machine and see if it helps. Make sure you are threading it with the pressure foot lifted.

If retreading the machine didn't resolve the issue, try to reduce the tread tension. You find the tread tension dial on top of the sewing machine.

Another reason why the thread breaks could be a to thick thread for the needle. Make sure you are using a needle made for both the sewing machine and the thread you are using.

If the needle isn't installed correctly (Pushed all the way up), has cracks or bent, or other fatigue-related markings, it can also lead to the upper thread breaks.

The Lower thread breaks on my Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

If the lower thread breaks it's usually related to the bobbin.

The bobbin case is most likely not installed correctly, You have the wrong type of bobbin in the machine or something went wrong while winding it up.

The sewing machine skips Stitches

The most common problems that causes skipped stitches is related to the needle. Is the needle installed correctly? I recommend trying to install it again to make sure it is. You should also look for damages on the needle and make sure that you are using the correct type of needle. A wrong installment of the pressure foot can also result in skipped stitches. Try installing the pressure foot again.

The Needle Breaks while sewing