How To Thread a Sewing Machine in 5 simple steps

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

How to thread sewing machines are the most common questions we get. And we understand why you are asking. Threading a sewing machine for the first time can be difficult. So let's talk about how to thread a sewing machine.

Look for arrows on your sewing machine. These arrows are there to show you how to thread your sewing machine. If you can't find any arrows, I recommend looking in your instruction manual to see if they show you how to thread your sewing machine. If none of these steps works, I recommend that you keep reading our five simple steps on how to thread your sewing machine.

Step number 1: locating instruction book.

The answer to how to thread your sewing machine can be found in the instruction book. The instruction book will give you a detailed explanation on how to guide the thread down to the needle and how to install the bobbin correctly. If you don't have the instruction book, You will most likely find a copy of it. If you search for it on google, type your sewing machine name and manual.




Step Number 2: Understanding how the thread is guided

The thread holder does have one job, and that is holding the thread. From the thread holder to the needle, there are usually some guiding points and a holder that moves relative to the needle. The guidance is there to provide the correct tension and make the thread run as smoothly as possible to the needle. Having this in mind while threading the machine can really help you understand why you should thread the machine correctly.




Step Number 3: Preparing the sewing machine for threading