Husqvarna Viking opal 650 Review

Updated: Mar 24

The Husqvarna Viking Opal series is higha ly computerized sewing machmachine from Husqvarna. With the Opal series, Husqvarna offers a generous amount of stitches and a highly technological sewing machine. It gives you a chance to save your own stitches, visualize stitches in real size before sewing, and a semi-automatic button sewing system, known as the Perfectly balanced buttonholes (PBB). In this article, I will tell you about The Husqvarna Viking Opal 650, its features, and my experience with it.

The Husqvarna Opal series can be your greatest friend, and most likely the best sewing machine you have experienced. But with all these features, the Husqvarna is advanced. You must understand basic technology, But most importantly, you have to be willing to learn.

The Price: Husqvarna series costs from 800 USD to 1200 USD.

Included in this price is a generous amount of accessories.

The machine we are reviewing, Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 costs 850 USD.


The Most Important Features of the Opal 650:

Well lit work area.

For any sewing machine, Having a well-lit and big surface area is important. But the needle threader and an extra high-pressure foot are also an absolute must-have. Thankfully all of this is included in the Opal series. You get a generous 8" sewing surface, 3 LEDs, and a standard built-in needle threader.

The features that separate the Opal 650 from other sewing machines.
  • There are 3 built-in fonts for personalizing, labeling, and dating your sewing projects.

  • Program and save personal stitch settings to the “My Stitches” menu.

  • 160 beautiful stitches for endless creative opportunities including 7 mm stitch width.

  • The Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes (PBB) and the Exclusive Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot automatically sew perfect one-step buttonholes every time.

  • The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature optimizes your sewing with automatic settings.

  • Stitch length: 0 mm - 28 mm (maximum stitch length determined by selected stitch design)

  • Stitch width: 0 mm - 7 mm





I must admit, The Husqvarna Opal series looks intimidating, The amount of buttons and the LED screen makes it look a lot more advanced than it is. Threading and operating this machine was much easier than expected. In the beginning, you are left with a feeling of "it just works". but after 5 rounds with the machine, you feel you have mastered it and you feel completely in control of your sewing project. It was probably the most rewarding feeling I ever had with a sewing machine.


There are some features that took time to master. The Button system was hard to learn and understand, and when you have learned it, you will most likely have forgotten it the next time you need it.

If you are sewing multiple buttonholes and attaching multiple buttons in a row, this feature must be like heaven. But I rarely do.


Sewing with the Opal 650:

The varsity of stitches and all the customizations make the Viking Opal 650 a dream to use.

If you are a "threader dreader" the Opal 650 is your best friend, you do understand how to thread it right away, but take a look at the instruction before you thread it. They are easy to understand as well.

When talking about sewing with the Opal 650 we must not forget the mirror feature. It does what it says, it mirrors the stitches. If you are sewing around corners or sewing in the opposite direction the stitching will be mirrored. This feature impresses me every time.

You do also have more common features like the start/stop function and speed adjuster. These buttons are easily accessible right over the sewing foot, meaning that you don't have to take your eyes away from the needle. You do also have a function called the fixed seam. With a touch of a button, the sewing machine automatically fastens the loose threading. You can turn this feature on and how during sewing.