Whats The Difference Between Mechanical Sewing Machines and Electronic Sewing Machines?

When you are in the market for a sewing machine, there is a lot of talk about mechanical and electronic sewing machines. But what's the difference between a mechanical sewing machine and an electronic sewing machine? And what should you choose?


The difference between a mechanical sewing machine and an electronic sewing machine is its user interface. Is the stitch selector a wheel or a button? If it's a button, it's most likely to be an electronic sewing machine. It doesn't only apply to the stitch selector but also other settings to the sewing machine. But what is best? The electric or the mechanical sewing machine?

If we look at other industries and sewing machines' history, we can safely say that mechanical sewing machines' days are numbered. The electronic circuit board is better to use and cheaper to produce than a mechanical wheel or a lever that mechanically moves a part in your sewing machine.

With that in mind, we can also safely say that the sewing machine most likely always will have some mechanical features to it, Like lifting or lowering your sewing foot. Or the flywheel.


Is an electronic sewing machine computerized?

Yes. But the term computerized is loose. If there is a circuit board that controls key features in a machine, it's technically a computerized sewing machine.

We see more and more sewing machines with screens and the possibility to upload your settings to it, like customized stitches. This is also an electronic, computerized sewing machine. These types of sewing machines are what we usually call a computerized sewing machine.


What should you choose, A mechanical or an electronic sewing machine?

That is a good question. But if it's an electronic or a mechanical sewing machine is not that important when you are buying a sewing machine.

You should consider its features and if it fits your needs instead.

But if we look at the market today, the best sewing machines are usually electronic and computerized.

The Sting selector wheel on a mechanical sewing-Machine

Even tho there is no technically big difference between an electronic or a mechanical sewing machine, there are many opinions about it. Let's list and answer some of them here:

A mechanical sewing machine lasts longer than an electronic sewing machine? -This was maybe true in the early 2000s because we didn't quite know how to build these machines, and most of the circuit card was built by hand. It's not true today.

A mechanical sewing machine is noisier than an electronic sewing machine? -This is true. A mechanical sewing machine has more parts than an electronic sewing machine. More parts lead to more vibrations in a sewing machine.

A mechanical sewing machine is heavier than an electronic sewing machine? -This is true. It has more parts, and more parts mean more weight.

So the conclusion is that you shouldn't worry too much about these terms. It doesn't make so much of a difference. It should be more look at the key features of the sewing machine's key and its use.


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