Our most popular Sewing tutorials videos in 2021

You might not know this, but Happy-Sewing has a Youtube channel. We do only have 34 videos and we get an average of 12 000 views a month. all of our videos are more or less step-by-step guides on how to sew our sewing patterns. Let's take a look at the videos and find out which videos are the most popular.

Did you know? Happy-Sewing started as a Youtube channel, Our goal was to spread the love for sewing and show everyone how easy and fun it was to start sewing. Our viewers requested us to make a website. so here we are, two years later, with a website I am super proud of.


#7 How to Sew a Baby Bonnet

The baby Bonnet video was released in November 2020. It has never been our most popular video, but our views did want us to make it and we are glad we did. It did gain 1804 views in 2021 and It was watched for a total of 49,4 hours. Youtube suggested the videos 34 000 times. The sewing pattern was more popular than the video, and we have so far received great feedback on it. You can buy the sewing pattern below


#6 and #5 How to Sew pants for Kids

We have made two videos on how to sew pants for kids. They were watched 4332 times with a total watch time of 159 hours. Youtube suggested the videos 79000 times. Below you can find our brand new sewing pattern. It's fun and easy to sew!


#4 How to sew a Hooded Baby Towel

This video was very fun to make and was a little different from our other videos. We wanted to do more, making faces and different ears for the towels, but it didn't turn out as we wanted it to so we excluded it from The video and the pattern. The video was released at the beginning of June 2021 and gained 3671 views. It had a watch time of 108,1 hours. Youtube suggested the video 49700 times in 2021.


#3 How to sew a T-shirt for kids

The T-shirt video has always been one of our most popular sewing videos. it was watched 11 422 times in 2021, with a total watch time of 479,5 hours. Youtube has suggested the video 155 000 times. We were never super happy with the video, so the top 3 position was a nice surprise. The sewing pattern has also been very popular, and we did significant upgrades on the sewing pattern in 2021.