How to Make a Rolled Mem on a Brother Serger / Overlock Sewing Machine

Updated: Feb 5

Let me show you how to make a rolled hem on a Brother overlocker / Serger machine. The machine in this post is a Brother 4234D Overlock. Some buttons might have different locations on other brother sergers/overlockers.

I've also made a video on how to make a rolled hem on a Brother Serger.

Check it out after you have read through the article. It's at the bottom of this page.


1. Open the front cover

We start by opening the front cover. That means pulling it to the right and then downwards.


2. Remove the Stitch finger


You give the stitch finger a gentle pull, and it will come out.

The stitch finger is located below the knife.


3. Change the stitch width to 5R.

Turn the stitch width wheel until The 5R symbol is aligned with the small arrow marker.

The stitch with selector is located right in front of the presser foot.


4. Set the differential feed to 1.0

Turn the differential feed selector until 1.0 hits the small arrow mark.

You can find the differential feed on the right side of the machine. On the same side as the power supply. The differential feed is the wheel that is the smallest wheel in front of the handwheel.


5. Set the stitch length to R.

Turn the stitch length selector to R.

The stitch length selector is the dial that is located directly above the differential feed.


6. Remove the left needle.

Take out the screwdriver inside the front cover.

Place the screwdriver inside the top center space over the needle and turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise. Hold the left needle with two fingers during this process, so it doesn't fall inside the machine. The presser foot has to be in the down position.

If you want to show me your rolled hem, tag us on Instagram.

Dials: Set all the dials to 4.

knife, you can choose to have the knife in an up or down position.

Video: Click here to get to our tutorial page!

Enjoy sewing the rolled hem, and Happy-Sewing.


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