How to Sew a Baby Onesie

Updated: Mar 14

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A Helpful Illustrated Guide On How to Sew a Baby Onesie

Sewing a baby's Onesie is fast and easy. Just follow our steps in the helpful illustrated guide on how to sew a baby Onesie below. We do also offer a video tutorial below. Happy-Sewing!

These are the steps in sewing a Baby Onesie.

Sewing a Baby Onesie is easy and fun and by following the steps below you can easily do it, even if you are a beginner. You can read a more detailed guide on each step in this article.

  1. Prepare the Pattern and Cut the Fabric

  2. Sew The shoulder seams

  3. attach the sleeves

  4. Sew the Neck Rib and fold the Sleeves wrists

  5. Do The first Sideseam

  6. Do The Edge Ribbon

  7. Sew The Last Sideseam

  8. Attach loose threads and press if necessary.




Recommend Tools:

Sewing tools, onesidress for babies
Tools Im using in this tutorial

Making a Baby Onesie doesn't require all the tools in the image. I recommend that you have a scissor or rotary cutter, some clips or pins, and a sewing machine. If you are attaching buttons or snaps you need that to. If you have all or some of the tools in the image it will make the job easier. If you want to know more about sewing tools you can click here to read more about sewing tools.

We do have all the tools available for sale in our store.


Sewing machines:

In this tutorial, we are using the Baby Lock Coverstich machine, a Brother 4234D Coverstich, and a Singer Tempo 70. The attachment we are using is a binding folder. You can find these binding folders for sale in our store. If you don't have a Coverstitch or an Overlocker you can use a regular sewing machine with seams made for stretchy fabrics.


Sewing Patterns:

We have two sewing patterns you can choose from. In this tutorial, we are using the Baby Onesie Sewing Pattern in this tutorial. But you can also use the slim-fit version. The Onesie sewing pattern is part of our most popular sewing pattern pack.

Baby Onesie Slim Fit Sewing Pattern:

Gives a professional Slim Fit result

  • PDF Pattern

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Size: Newborn-2 Years Old


Baby Onesie - Sewing Pattern

Our most Sold Sewing Pattern

  • PDF Pattern

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Size: Newborn - 2 Years Old