Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine Review

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Review

Singer has been around since they first produced the household sewing machine in 1851. Things have changed in the last 170 years, and so has singer. But one thing has always remained the same, Singer has always been at the top of the sewing machine market. That's why I'm so excited to review Singer Heavy Duty 4432. Not only is this made by the best sewing machine brand in the world, but it's also different. It's powerful and made for heavy sewing work.




First impressions:

Singer HD 4432 Box Review

I received it in a box at my front door. In these covid times, I've gotten so used to shopping online.

The first thing I noticed was when I lifted the box up. It was Heavy! When the machine is out of the box you noticed the grey finish of the sewing machine casing. This looks like metal but it is plastic. The work area plate however is plastic. It also has a strong handle on top so that you can lift the sewing machine comfortably. Looking at the buttons it's tidy and easy to understand like Singer always has been.



The Singer Heavy Duty 4432 offers you 32 stitches. You get 4 sewing feet. One Buttonhole foot, One button foot, a zigzag foot, and a zip foot. Other accessories are 4 bobbins, a spool pin, two-spool caps, a screwdriver, a cleaning brush that's also a seam ripper, extra needles, and a quilting bar.

Even tho you get the essentials, the accessories list is not impressive. I wis there were more stitches on this machine.





The sewing machine is easy to thread and it's easy to wind the bobbin. I do also like that the bobbin lid is clear plastic. It makes it so easy to keep track of how much thread you have left on your bobbin! There is also an automated needle threader!

Selecting stitches was a walk in the park, you got 32 stitches to choose from on the Singer heavy Duty 4432, Six essential stitches, seven stretch stitches, and 18 decorative stitches. You do also have a One-step automated buttonhole maker.

You choose stitch type very easily by scrolling one of the two big wheels in front of the machine, S1, and S2 are for stretchy fabric! You select stitch width, length, and tension on the top of the machine, as well as the tension. The placement of the reverse button is perfect. So it's the shape of the button. The reverse button is also shiftless. That means that you don't have to take your foot from the pedal while sewing!

The free arm is also amazing. and in front of the "free arm cover" is a big generous storage compartment.

Not only can you store all your essential sewing tools from here, but it's so big that it's easy to find what you are looking for in the compartment. The placement of the compartment makes it accessible while you are sewing. The thread cutter is placed on the opposite side of the machine and the pressure foot leaver is placed on the back. I love the design of Singer Heavy Duty 4432, you feel like they knew you when they designed the machine!





I've tried multiple stitches on jersey, silk, wool, denim, and leather. It's performing good and it feels like I'm flying a fighter jet the 84w motor can deliver 1100 stitches per minute, that's 18 stitches a second! with all the settings easily accessible I do feel like I'm in control of this sewing machine. I can sew over 8 layers of jersey with this machine. That's impressive, it was harder for me to keep track of all the layers than it was for the sewing machine to sew them. The problem started when I passed 4 layers of heavy fabrics. The denim leads to problems on layer 5. The sewing machine refuses to sew them.

I'm a little disappointed that it couldn't handle more layers. However, It is performing better than my current sewing machine on these heavier fabrics, but my current sewing machine isn't named heavy duty!

The shiftless reverse button however was amazing and using it was pure joy.


Price /value for money: