Sewing your own Clothes vs buying Clothes?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Sewing clothes is a fun and creative process. But buying them is much easier, But what should you do? and

What is the cheapest option? Sewing your own clothes or buying clothes?

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This is an interesting question, with many factors that need to be considered. The answer to that question is that it's usually not cheaper to sew your own clothes. The fabric is usually more expensive for us than it is for big clothing companies like H&M and Zaras. The equipment we use is also expensive and needs to be taken into account. We do also spend a lot of time making the garment. So you are, in most cases, losing money when you sew your own clothes.


But there are some exceptions.

Clothes that are made to be cheap are usually cheaply made. The fabric is usually of bad quality, and it's usually very thin. The fiber structure of the fabric is uneven and can easily rip. Some Productions have also been proven to be a huge environmental issue, with massive pollution and toxic waste dumped right in nature. There have also been cases of child labor and inhuman conditions in the factories.

Even tho sewing is time-consuming, it does give you the chance to design your own unique clothes. Designing is being creative, and being creative is fun. You can also make sure that the fabric is environmentally friendly and of higher quality. The feeling of owning clothes that you have made that no one else has is also rewarding. Being complimented for those clothes is equally rewarding. Giving handmade gifts is also very popular in 2021, And if you know the person well, you can make him or her the ultimate gift.


Sewing your own clothes vs buying them?

We recommend something in the middle. You should definitely try to make your own clothes. It's so much fun! But its nothing wrong with going to the store and buy the garment you want. We do only make around 30% of our own garments, and we sew for a living! Our conclusion is, Sew the clothes you can see yourself wearing and that you really want to make. The other one can easily be bought at any clothing store.


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