Singer 7363 Confidence | Review

Updated: Mar 17

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Singer 7363 Confidence Review

The Singer 7363 Confidence is not perfect But it's still one of Singer's most popular Sewing machines, even tho it's soon 10 years old! How does it hold up to today's competitors? Let's review it!



Accessories and Specifications

The Singer 7363 comes with 30 stitches,

two buttonhole options, and a Needle threader.

Singer 7363 needlethreader
The needle threader makes the threading job easier.

The needle threader comes as a great addition to a machine that is already easy to thread.

This machine has an automatic tension adjuster as well.

On the front of this sewing machine, you have a speed adjuster.

It's always nice to be able to adjust the speed when you are sewing.

I wish the adjuster were slightly bigger;

It would make the adjuster so much easier to use, and you wouldn't have to move your eyes away from the job.

The maximum sewing speed is 750-stitches per minute.

And sewing at the top speed is not unpleasant in any way. The electric engine keeps the noise level low. There are, however, some small vibrations.

So, all in all, the specs on this machine are quite impressive. Remember that this model has been on the market for almost ten years!

Timing Issues:

Singer 7363 Confidence review
The automatic tention adjuster sits on top of this machine

There are some issues. There have been multiple reports on the bad timing of the bobbin. It can result in broken needles, ominous noises, and other damages to the machine. I recommend that you take the bobbin out and confirm that the hook passes at the right point. The hook has to pass when the needle rises from its lowest position. From public records, about 3% of Singer's 7363 owners have reported this problem. Another 2% have reported an unstable tension adjuster. These problems are related and can be solved by the said adjustment.

I did not face any of these problems in my review. But I was aware of this problem and inspected the bobbin before use.

One problem I did face was the use of the buttonhole attachment.

It was tricky to use over the heavier fabric and thicker layers.


User experience:

So I have to say that all in all, the Singer 7363 was an ok experience. It was not bad or exceptional. But it was easy to learn, and it was easy to keep track of the sewing proccess.

I will give the user experience 6/10.

Value for money:

The price of this machine is a bit high. I would not purchase this machine brand new today. The price is high when you compare it to what their competitors offer in today's market. So the Singer 7363 confidence is unfortunately outdated when it comes to price vs. specs in today's market.

I will give it a 3/10.

In my opinion, the market price should be around 100-120 USD for a new machine in today's market.

Singer 7363 Confidence
These are the accessories that come with the machine.

The conclusion:

The Singer 7363 confidence was almost exactly how I expected it to be.

And yes, it's a bit outdated, but it is still a machine that will give you a pleasant sewing experience, and it will take time to outgrow this machine.

If you manage to find a second-hand machine in good condition for around 80 USD, I would consider it a good purchase. Just remember to check the bobbin and the automatic tension adjuster before you buy!

I will give this machine a total of 5.5/10.