Singer Confidence 7470 | 2022 Review

Updated: Mar 15

The Singer Confidence 7470 was made for creative sewers and was one of the most technologically advanced machines when it was released. How does it hold up in 2022? In this review, we are comparing the machine to 2021s standards.


Should you buy the Singer Confidence 7470 in 2022?

The Singer Confidence 7470 is without a doubt a good sewing machine, also in 2021. it offers a generous amount of stitches and useful accessories like the buttonhole foot with the extra support plate. The Machine feels old, But its age makes it easier to understand and maneuver than a new modern sewing machine.

Even tho the machine is technically outdated in 2021, it's without a doubt a good sewing machine that still offers a great sewing experience.


Singer Confidence 7470 Specifications:

Singer Confidence 7470 Has a Metal Frame
Singer Confidence 7470 Has a Metal Frame
The specification list of the Singer Confidence is impressive, even in 2021. Yes, it's a bit slower than the sewing machines on the market today and it's unnecessarily loud. Included with the machine is 173(!) Stitches and Singer have included a generous amount of accessories. Below you can see the
Singer Confidence 7470 specification list:

Singer Confidence 7470 Tecnical spesifications:

  • Built-In Stitches (225)

  • One-Step Buttonhole (6)

  • Built-In Lettering (5 Alphabets)

  • Mirror Imaging

  • Temporary Memory Capability (20 Characters)

  • Built-In Needle Threader

  • Top Drop-In Bobbin

  • Drop Feed

  • Direct Selection Stitches

  • Adjustable Stitch Length

  • Adjustable Stitch Width

  • Self-Adjusting Tension System

  • Reverse

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame

  • Needle Up/Down

  • Programmable Needle Up/Down

  • LCD Screen

  • Touch Screen

  • Free Arm


Singer Confidence 7470 Size and Weight