Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine | User Guide

The Singer Heavy Duty series is one of the most popular sewing machines. The Singer Heavy duty is known for its power, user-friendliness, and its robust design. In this article, we will cover the most frequently asked questions about the Singer Heavy Duty series, and we will show you how to properly thread and maintain the sewing machine.


Most of these instructions can be applied to any Singer Heavy duty machine. They are all approved by Singer. You can click on the links below to go directly to the instructions you need.




How to thread the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Before you start threading the machine it's highly recommended that you switch the machine off and/or Pull out the power supply.

Step 1: Turn the flywheel until the needle reaches its highest point. You must also raise the pressure foot to release the tension discs.

Step 2: On top of the machine, there is a spool pin. Lift it up and place the sewing thread on the pin. The thread should come from the back of the spool (the opposite side of the thread spool pin).

Step 3: Pull the thread through the upper thread guide (3) and through the pre-tension spring (4).

Step 4: Thread the tension module by leading the thread through and down the channel. Thread the machine upwards to the left of the channel it went down. you then lead the thread through the slotted eye(6) downwards again on the left, in the "same " channel.

Step 5: We are now leading the thread towards the needle, behind the horizontal thread guide, and behind the thin needle clamp guide (7).

Step 6: Thread the needle from the front and back of the needle and pull through 15 cm-20 cm 6 inches of thread backwar