Brother Innov-is ns80e Review

Updated: Mar 19

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The Brother Innov-is ns80e Review

The Brother Innov-is ns80e was released in September 2019, and it was marketed as an easy-to-use, easy-to-hide sewing machine, Let's review it!




Specifications and Accessories:

Brother innov-is ns80e is light in size, and it's easy to hide away. It weighs around 14 pounds (6,5 kg). And it has an aluminum frame. The Accessories list is long. It includes seven presser feet, 80 stitches, and eight buttonhole styles.

Specs: 80 Built-in Sewing Stitches Built-In 2.56" Clear LCD Display Advanced Needle Threading System Free Arm Capability

First impressions:

Brother Innov-ís NS80E needle threader

The machine arrived five months ago, and I was so excited to try it out. The reviews I have read earlier were getting my hopes up for this machine. So much so that I was afraid that this would end disappointment. I've owned three brother sewing machines before this one, but never a small one like this. When the machine was out of the box, I started to thread it. I could not believe that I threaded a machine this fast and easy on the first go. It took me less than a minute! I thought that this might be because I've threaded my Brother machines for so long, so I let my husband have a go. He did it in two minutes! The needle threader was just as easy to use as they are on other brother machines. I love threading this machine!

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Test Sewing:

Brother Innov-ís NS80E Speed adjuster
Speed adjuter

It was finally time to do some testing, so I found some fabric and started sewing. The 7 point feeding system on this machine is fantastic. It feeds the fabric evenly and leaves an excellent result—That's when I decided to REALLY put this machine to the test.

I'm doing a review, and I need to find the breaking point! So I added more and more and more layers of fabric. And by each layer, I got more impressed and excited. In the end, this poor Brother was facing an impossible, if not unreal, challenge, 7 layers of fabric!

The Brother sewn through these layers smoothly. The Brother did also master all the different fabrics I gave it.

I am impressed by this machine so far. Let's talk about the buttons and the other small details that took me by surprise.

Impressive details:

Brother Innov-ís NS80E buttons
I Love these buttons

On these smaller sewing machines, I often see that the manufacturers are more focused on keeping the machines small than user-friendly.

I can't say the same here. The speed adjuster is where I want it to be. The start and stop buttons as well. It's right over the sewing foot. I can change the speed in less than a second. maneuvering through all the different stitches is very easy with the stitch selector wheel. The seam length and width adjuster was right beside the stitch selector wheel.

All the adjustment I do is easily visible on the 2,5" LCD screen.

I am delighted with the Brother innov-is ns80e user-friendliness. The storage compartment is in front of me. If I remove the storage box, I have an open arm.

Brother Innov-ís NS80E buttons stitch selector
The stitch selector

Who is this machine made for?

The Brother innov-is ns80e is made for beginners and low to medium intermediate users.

It's also a handy machine for experts who travels with their sewing machines. But the workspace is just too small for more advanced projects.