The Mini Measurer - Measuring Tape 


A small elegant Measuring tape. Click the Button and retract the tape.

Two different scales, Inches and Centimeters. one for each side. 

The Mini Measurer is small, Just 4.3 Cm on each side, and 1,3 Cm wide.

Don't get fooled by its small size, it's capable to measure a length of 150 cm/59 Inches.


The Mini Measurer comes in 4 colors, Salmon, White, Baby Blue, and a touch of green.



The band has a length of 150cm (59 Inches)

The Elegant Mini Measuring Tape 

Inches and Centimeters

Max Length 59 Inches/150 cm

One-Click to retract the tape.

Material: Plastic



The Mini Measurer -Measuring Tape - Cm/In