Shipping & Returns


Happy-Sewing will ship the product within 3 days of the purchase.

We use the federal postal service. We don't have a problem with using other services if it's requested by the consumer.


Digital products:

Happy-Sewing is not obligated to accept refunds on any digital products, by law.

However, we obligate ourselves to do our best to give our users a good experience with us.

with that in mind, refunds requested will be considered individually.

Any errors on the patterns automatically qualify as a refund.

that does not include typos or other minor errors.

Any duplicate orders or other customer errors can be refunded within 30 days* 

(We usually notice these errors and contact you to clarify that this was a mistake)

Physical products:

All physical products can be refunded within 14 days*.

However, we obligate ourselves to do our best to give our users a good user experience with us. And returns beyond 14 days will be considered individually.

Return shipping has to be paid for by the customer. 

When we receive the product, we will refund the money and the shipping costs.

We haven't experienced any return requests from our customers jet (25.07.21).

The return that has been done has been noticed and solved by us, because of double orders.

Our name is HAPPY-Sewing. When you think of us you should think of quality products and high-end customer service. Our main goal is to make Sewers Happy.

XX Days*= We are happy to look at any cases that consider a return.