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Store Policy


Happy-Sewing makes and sells sewing patterns, Sewing Equipment, Fabric, and other sewing-related products.

We do also provide sewing tutorials.


We use Stripe and Paypal as our payment providers. We have chosen to work with these companies because they are the safest choice for us and our customers. 


All patterns are copyrighted by and all of our patterns are intended for personal use only.

If our patterns need to be used in any other way. We require written permission to do so.

Any resale or illegal copies will be prosecuted.

We are located in Norway and by downloading our patterns you agree to follow the Norwegian copyright law, EU for copyright law.

By using our pattern you accept that we hide a serial nr hidden in all patterns. The serial number can and will be used to track down any piracy or misuse of our patterns. 


DISCLAIMER: you will not, under any circumstances receive any email or text messages that require you to give Happy-Sewing any payment or private information.

What about your email address or the other information you have provided?
We don't share your data with anyone, besides Stripe or PayPal. But only if you purchase something.  They don't have the right to use your information for anything else.
We don't sell your information or use third parties that get access to and can sell or misuse any information.

Happy-Sewings top priority is to keep you and your information safe. 


Please contact us at

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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